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By the time they met, 2D adopted a teddy boy style and used to stroll the city along with Shane.

2D didn't really think about Gorillaz until a couple years later, when he received a text message from Noodle and, with that, he decided to return to Kong with fully restored confidence after he realized he was responsible for the Gorillaz success.

"I only really joined the band to make music, and now, I'm being held captive by a bastard bass player in an underwater submarine, being attacked by sodding pirates who are trying to take over this rotten piece of broken plastic in the ocean that Gorillaz call 'home'. Noodle later arrived back, as seen in the Rhinestone Eyes video.

Today, he resides in the house at 212 Wobbly Street in London, England.*Currently, Gorillaz are not doing so good, because Murdoc screwed up after losing the rights to live on Plastic Beach (New Zealand took over), and traded the rest of the EMI income on a lump-sum payment to a Austrian Settlement Company and Loan Bank, *** Wien, giving them a payment in Pounds, which they had to use to buy a new house in London.

Luckily, Russel saved him, but after that fight, the band split up.

POST--PHASE ONE TO PRE--PHASE TWO: 2003-2004--During the Gorillaz hiatus, 2D stayed in Los Angeles.

He's probably gonna try and become an actor or a model or whatever..."According to an official mail-out from 31 October 2007, Murdoc says that "2D is away on a vacation at a Jamaican beach." On 13 November, however, the D-Sidestext in the G-Shop stated that 2D was currently completing a law degree.

It was revealed through various media on the trailer in which this kidnapping was revealed that 2D was in a small flat in Beirutat the time, for reasons which are currently unknown.

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Murdoc nicknamed Stuart 2D, which stands for the "Two Dents" in his head. But it's how you stand back up, how you walk away from these horrors. I also make no claims that any of this writing is canon or that it will be. xii: Birthday Girl: Noodle had only wanted a small get together so she could at least say that she had celebrated her birthday and enjoyed it, but it did not go according to plan. There's not going to be a regular pattern of when I upload new stories, but I will keep adding them! Also, all images are not mine, and belong to their respectful owners! DISCLAIMER: I do not own the band members of Gorillaz nor their affiliations. That being said if you like him, you may ask to use him as long as it's not complete shit wrecking of the character. This is a place where I will dump all of my 2Nu smuts I've written. Second, Noodle will be above 18 years old, so there is no theme of underage sex!And with the deal rotting, it swears to take away the famous band known as Gorillaz- Murdoc can't have that, he's sold his soul after all and intends to get his 'money' worth. When they cross paths with Gorillaz, similarities were noted among the members. Late one night, Noodle sneaks over to 2D's room wearing... What follows is pretty much exactly what you'd expect. ** An otaku guitarist, a tattoo artist, a hip-hop bookworm, and an ex-hitman have their encounters intertwine.

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