Court opinions dating

Just 23% of independents who lean toward the Democratic Party say the same, up a modest seven percentage points since March.Other findings Little Change in Views of Same-Sex Marriage, Affordable Care Act.And 17% say the court is liberal, about double the share who said this in March (8%).Perceptions of the court’s ideology have changed less among those closer to the middle of the ideological spectrum.There also has been a major shift in how Americans, especially those at either end of the ideological spectrum, view the Supreme Court’s ideology.The share of the public saying the current Supreme Court is liberal has doubled since March, driven by changing attitudes among Republicans, particularly conservative Republicans.

Republicans’ views of the Supreme Court are now more negative than at any point in the past three decades.Moderate and liberal Republicans’ continue to be divided: 42% see the Supreme Court as middle-of-the-road; 40% say it is liberal and 13% say it is conservative.A plurality of conservative and moderate Democrats (43%) continue to say it is middle-of-the-road.In February, 45% approved of the health care law and 53% disapproved.Few Think Supreme Court Justices Set Aside Their Political Views.

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